• Hannah Telluselle

What is work?

Have you ever wondered about what work is? To me it is providing a service or a product to someone else, that we get paid for to do. Is our self-expression work? Is what we do considered work if we don't get paid? And if you are getting paid, is it for work you did?

There seems to be an alarming and escalating trend among young people to believe that showing themselves in photos online should be enough to earn a living. But what are they offering and contributing to? And what happens to their own persona that is dependent on how many likes they have on their profile? If you use the number of published photos or likes to define your worth as a human, you have probably lost it all, while feeling accomplished with something you produced will always make you feel successful, especially to the betterment of someone else. Expressing yourself, who you are, what you believe in and your opinion, however can increase your confidence to work.

Coaching others through this process is what I do for a living in a match with employers. It is by finding inner and outer motivation, we find purpose and a sense of identity that sometimes can resemble what we do, but sometimes be held different in favor of our favorite pastime interest for example. What we all know is, that everybody has to work to have the ball rolling in society with all the functions that serve you and that you should help be a part of, and to make ends meet. Stopping someone from or worse, taking that what another is supposed to sell, must be the most cruel abuse of all. It is called oppression. 

My Swedish university degree is in this academic field called Workscience - how we work as individuals, groups, organizations and society - based on valuing knowledge.

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