• Hannah Telluselle

Setting our own standards

One of the things we as Lifecoaches lead, is communicating boundaries. To do so, enable us to easier say yes to what we want or need, and what feels positive and useful. How do we then know what to say yes or no to? This decisionmaking is essential for our wellbeing and health, which is the area we often can start with. It's about setting our own standards and not fall below them, within our means

Conflicts can arise when others try to stop us from living according to our levels, which then empowers us in ways it makes it harder for us to be dominated, which seems to be the source of others' own low self-esteem that they take out by using their authority to grow their own defense.

What is a good standard? It can be setting our preferences in terms of types of food, brands and time. Holding onto these also enable us a better starting point to move on from, and as long as we keep these choices within the lowest level of income, nobody has the right to stop us. My examples are that I take honey in my tea, not sugar. I eat glutenfree and lactosefree and no meat besides fish, and turkey on occasion. I eat organic when I can and chocolate every day. I need to do laundry once a week besides sleeping every night for at least 7 hrs. I also need non-prescription medicine and vitamins and be outside in the fresh air every day for a couple of hours without freezing among other things. This enables me to be a loving person who can be of service. And this is what God will provide, at all costs. It is also my human rights and what I have been fighting for the last ten years.

Which boundaries do you have? Where do you draw the line? Which are your essential needs and do you respect others when they are saying no to you? Make a list of your habits and ask yourself what you can choose instead to make a new and better one.

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