• Hannah Telluselle

Getting Divine help

Updated: Jan 22

After having had to sleep on the floor at a shelter for only a couple of hours again, I headed out in the cold winter early morning, hoping to be able to simply get a hotel night if possible, to compensate for the sake of my health. I had already been allowed to put my two suitcases in the reception at the Hotel am Zoo here in Frankfurt am Main with a nice night portier.

I soon got my first two euros to buy water and needed some Ibuprofen. Down the street, a young man was opening his restaurant, taking a break, standing outside a little. I decided to ask him and he simply went with me to the neighboring pharmacy and paid, breaking his 50-bill, asking if it was anything else I needed. I said paper tissues and got that for my cold. Then he invited me in to get some tea, not only a cup to go, but a whole termos that needed replacing and a handfull of good teabags of the flavors I like the most.

And 27 euros more.

I then checked my mail and asked if I could let my suitcases remain a little while longer and aimed to check in since I had seen that a single room only cost 50 euros. Without kitchen though, but I figured I could deal without one night more and borrow the one at the women's help cafe. It was closed due to baking, but instead I went upstairs and asked for more help with money and received another 30 euros as an exception and found some cheap and good quinoa- salad that I could eat, besides my tofu and rice-bread.

Exhausted as I was, I remained in the room the rest of the day and night, feeling my own self again in much needed solitude. And blessed by my German step-grandmother Hanna's spirit...

The day after, I moved into a hostel that is both cheaper and for me to cook my own glutefree meals in good company with other people's help, while I await my actual payment that unfortunately Sweden has refused me for a long time, as well as resolving the actual problem and offenses I have had to deal with for more than five years.

The white reindeers, here at the hotel as a Christmas decoration, is said to be mythical for many, coming with a story to tell... to me they symbolize Sami wisdom and protection.

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