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The lessons of animals

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In Native American traditions, there is a lesson of power embedded in learning specific characteristics of an animal that we can use in the world. By doing so, we therefore become more related to animals and part of the original kingdom, since our bodies and souls show a resemblance.

When I grew up as a teenager, I knew through my own ability to adapt to the environment, the different groups of people and its ways of interacting, that my spirit animal is the Chameleon. It is very sensitive to cold and heat, can go close without being noticed and usually sits peacefully on the branch of a tree...

In Hawaii, I was lucky to encounter one up close one day, when I was out walking on a deserted road alone, and suddenly saw a chameleon, the size of my underarm, sitting on top on an old bridge over a stream. It was as light green as the leaves were and let me go all the way up to it to take a photo without any zooming, just having our own moment in silence. Well, I was talking to it, I always do when I see an animal, it would be kind of rude not to say hello the human way. It was the same light green as I used to have in my logo for Balansfokus coaching, when I first had went to Oahu in 2005. 

Unfortunately, I lost my photo of that one, but these lizards are quite nice too. Chameleons are often used in examples of printing color by printing companies, which takes me right back to the beginning of my career as a copywriter. Thus, circle closed and now you know which my "spirit animal" is. 

It was also on one of the beaches of Oahu in 2010, I had an interesting talk with a Native American Indian man about this, who told me to get tougher and perhaps change my poweranimals, to for example overcome my fear of water. Now I have been able to do that. I have also developed the ability to adjust my own level of energy that I communicate more consciously, and have a more defined ability to feel the intention of others.

We can have power animals to our aid for the different directions (north, south, west and east) symbolizing various aspects (spirit, body, mind and heart) to develop these qualities within and without.  I am learning from the Bear, which I have to "conquer" since 2009 for the healthy strength of my body. The Rabbit for my emotions, the Owl for my spirit and the Crown-deer for my mind, which also is the shield animal for my family heritage. (Especially ftting in Germany, where the Crown-deer is a common symbol, and where I lived as a little girl in Heidelberg attending Kindergarten for about six months, speaking of healing my inner child and taking better care of myself. And not too far away from where my German step grandmother used to live.) 

Unfortunately, personal development often is met with resistance or struggles by others who no longer can assume their former hierarchical position that we (I) have let them have, trying everything they can think of to put us down. Then there is two things to do: you either make them aware of that and let them grow with you, or you change the environment. Your habitat, your home.

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