• Hannah Telluselle

Travelling to the core

In my book "The Call for Divine Mothering", I have described how I started differentiating between what effect others have had on me and what my own true self is, by meditating and being alone. It was a peeling of layers that came about since I felt they were being ripped off me, and thus I had to turn inwards. I found this place within that I call the core, where I'm at peace, feel love, am light and in truth. It is this that I would like to keep and bring forth into the world. And it is through this core, I feel connected to Source, inspired through my intuition. 

However, these last five years, I have come to realize that I need some of these layers, which constitute my extroverted ability to express and defend myself, ie my Ego. 

In order to do so, my physical needs have to be fully met first, which is obvious, but yet what I have to fight for all the time against others who likes to portray me and use my writing (which used to be my bread and butter, what I lived off and now want to become what enables me to have my own fame and fortune) and done everything they can to stop me from the outside it seems. But, it is also an inner process and a choice paired with being among people where it is possible. It's as simple as deciding when to talk and how.

I found my way back to myself by reconnecting with how I used to be before I was subjected to an attempted rape at the age of 21. This together with dancing again, similar to how I used to as a child, enabled me to also feel joy. This is also how I finally after more than ten years of healing work got in conscious touch with my inner child, uniting myself within with the three selves, thus finding harmony.

When nothing is broken, there is no need to pursue healing, but my book and blog is for those who like me, also are in need of, or simply wants to reclaim their passion.

Let me know if you want to discuss this further. What is your soul's calling and what do you need to do in this world? Book a coaching session and let's find out!

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