• Hannah Telluselle

We are Earth

Our bodies are like the body of Mother Earth. Each natural element corresponds with the components of our bodies. We are made part of water and therefore we are part of the ocean - the tides, the stormy waves and the stillness on a blank surface. It was from the ocean we emerged as a being. Add a mother's love to all beings and you will feel connected.

It was when I tried to explain and defend my belief in astrology some 15 years ago, that I reasoned it by using how the moon affect the tides as a comparison, and hence affect also the level of waters in our bodies, which in turn affects our mood, emotions and actions. Just like the sun and all the planets therefore also do. The question is, like with all life sciences, if we dare to discover how we best work ourselves, rather than just buying into others' assumed right interpretations. What matters and becomes the truth is our own experiences. 

The bark of a tree is like our skin. It is there for our protection and to help us remain flexible in our motions and gestures - what enables us to express emotions and land our presence inside our own hearts with love. And therefore we must nurture and care for our trees just like ourselves. All joined through spirit.

Everything can be read on the surface. Everything can be compared and therefore understood. When we understand these our real needs, respect and honor to meet them, we become one with all Creation. But maybe not with all humans who refuse the process to take place in ways that enrichen both ourselves, others and earth, with support to grow and have good health with joy.

Are you?

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