• Hannah Telluselle

At home with food

While living in Honolulu 2004-05 (and 2010-12), I learned to eat 'Ahi Poke. And in Malmö, Sweden, across the street downtown south where I used to have my home, there was/is a sushi place called Chill out sushi. In 2008 or so, they had an American chef from Colorado. I asked for raw tuna a couple of times and shared that I had lived in Hawaii. Soon, he decided to try to make poke and I got to say how I liked it seasoned. It became delicious, especially in the summertime, when our taste buds feel it differently. 

Yesterday, I had Frankfurt's own Aloha Poke - with real 'Ahi of course - for dinner. It was also delicious!

We could never feel at home without good food - in our bodies and our houses -, which is why I prefer to make my own. It blends with my energy as I prepare it, while being able to choose.what I feel is the best for me for my current needs. And so I can bless it before I eat it. Then food becomes love. 

Guten appetit!

'Ahi means raw tuna in Japanese, the same kind used for sushi. How much did they need to sacrifice? What happens when we bring a country's specialty and multiply it to sell elsewhere? 


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