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Designing our homes

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

My interest in interior design started growing when I had come back from my first visit to the US in the late 1980's and on, and helped my mother re-decorate her home, as well as my new apartment and moving to yet a new, always adapting to the floor plan, with lots of matching displays. I was also always the one repotting the plants at my Mum's home, as well in my own, especially after visiting the cultivation field for soil, called Simontorp, owned by one of the founders of TetraPak, in 1991, where I worked then in Sweden. My plants seem to outgrow their pots every year. This became a natural extension of volunteer gardening work in Honolulu 2005 and enjoying learning about lei-making and ti-leaf skirts.

You can just imagine how much I miss having my own home! Here is where I used to live in Malmö, Sweden in 2000-2009 before I had to leave:

My Dad on the other hand, have often photographed architecture and exterior design, paired with learning what is most safe in case of a fire from his Dad, why looking at houses and buildings come natural to me. I appreciate the conscious choosing of detail, of color, shape and form and look for inspiration for my new home.

How do you want your home to look like? 

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