• Hannah Telluselle

Divine Father, Mother, Child as One

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

It was in the midst of the Swedish approaching winter darkness, I first experienced an integration of my three selves, as defined by Transaction Analysis in the field of Psychology, or as Higher, Middle and Lower self as described by Serge Kahili King in Hawaiian Huna. 

I was sitting in my former apartment saying the Ho'oponopono prayer the way Morrnah Simeona teaches it. As soon as I said it out loud, something stirred me within and I started crying with a sense of relief. It was in fall 2009, at the same time I also had gotten my first Lomilomi treatment (Hawaiian healing massage).

Expressing an honest wish to heal with total acceptance and forgiveness, is the way to find the path towards becoming whole. It's the mandatory first step.  

The second step is to see the aspects of ourselves at work in our behavioral patterns in our relationships and trace the commonalities we wish to change. What in me has caused this situation? Can I relate to the emotions that are coming forth in the other in this conflict? Then forgive myself for the same and forgive the other, taking responsibility for what we are causing and feeling. It's what I did. And my soul started to heal with my body. It always is through our body, our soul speaks. What is yours saying to you? How are you acting towards yourself and others? 

The third step is being aware of this when you communicate the next time or when you get to know someone new. Then you will get the chance to reclaim what was lost and return to who you were before you were hurt but with more knowledge and experience, if you use it to improve. 

Be present and dare to observe yourself with love! 

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