• Hannah Telluselle

Blessings from my ancestors

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The other day I passed by this house in Cascais, Portugal and immediately when I saw the sign on it, I felt deeply moved.

It's a common name, Maria, I wear it too as my second (third at birth), but to me it means my Polish grandma, besides Mother Mary. I haven't dared thinking about my grandma for real, until last year when I was in Germany. She was rescued by the Swedish White buses from a prison-camp after WWII and passed away in 1977. The same year I shrunk. Perhaps she took a piece of my soul with her, too afraid after what she had gone through, and what my Dad had called her, paranoid, for being afraid of Nazis coming for her again. 

Anyway, this the other day, I suddenly felt connected to her in my heart and the memories I have of her and my Swedish grandfather Uno. 

It was when I saw this color, it clicked why I felt blessed wearing it the first summer I received my grant from the Swedish House of Nobility in 2015. She must indeed be wanting me well from heaven. Just like grandpa (and my Dad's) likes me to go for a walk in the woods again and never go hungry.

Why is their no Saint or Portugese sign on this house? 

And what is it that I need to learn to be more?

Alegre means cheerful in Portugese.

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