• Hannah Telluselle

Laying Tarot-cards

Before I became a Christian, I was fascinated by fortune telling and mediumship, seeking some kind of answer to what I was going through and how to continue. Yet, within, I was simply frustrated and longed for feeling those "answers within". 

When I chose a deck, it was with great respect and disgust of the dark side so "The Medicine Woman" by Carol Bridges became a natural choice. I bought them in the same esoteric bookstore I had worked in a summer inbetween my university studies in 2002, while feeling energies in gemstones and practising qigong first, and then yoga.

What I can see today, is that these cards did serve the purpose told in the adjoining guidebook, that of seeing each card as a steppingstone on our lifepath. Interestingly, I realized my first time in Hawaii in 2004, that the pictures on these cards showed people in Hawaii!

The last two nights, I've seen how low and close the moon has been, the effect on people and how it indeed looks like a man in it, the trickster. As soon as it rises back high in the sky, the edginess is lifted with it, the tide comes back on and so does the feeling of flow.

I offered readings too sometimes, but always together with sharing how everything is dependent on our free will, that there are no ready made outcomes to wait for, or simple yes or no answers. 

Simply put, it's about learning to not put the power of faith on things like cards and talismans outside of ourselves, but rather let it work through us.


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