• Hannah Telluselle

The lucky elephant

When I was a teenager and upset about my parents initiated divorce and what people called me, my German step-grandmother Hanna, told me I should develop harder skin like an elephant, to protect myself. I was a little clumsy then too, so it fit me well.

Perhaps she had noticed how a part of me had started to disappear. She and my grandfather Åke therefore often gave me a small elephant made of wood, stone or even ivory as gifts, often purchased on one of their trips and often antique. Maybe it was even this store, she and he had been to.

It was here in Portugal, I was on a vacation in 1972 with them and my parents, happy on the beach playing. And it was here in 2015, I really started to heal and find out why and how to. 

When I looked at the color of the suntan of my arms a couple of days ago, it made me feel it's the same Hanna used to have. Maybe my skin becomes harder with it. I hope so.


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