• Hannah Telluselle

Relating to Mother Earth

The sky collects water from the ocean to create rain, forming in clouds that the wind transports for us to breathe in and receive, and I just had a new experience yesterday at the beach in Estoril, Portugal. 

It was kind of chilly and cloudy so the beach was almost empty, but sometimes you just have to go into the ocean. It's something I learned to recognize in my body as a need in Hawaii. And are there times when we shouldn't? I thought of what Dawn in 2005 and Jocelyn in 2011 has taught me, picked and sorted through some seashells among washed up trash, and went in, at a somewhat clean spot. Certain days the water is clear, others not at all. And of course it brought the need to keep the Atlantic ocean clean to the surface. A young, black woman must have seen my hesitation and dived in next to me, with her feet together, like a mermaid!

As I went down with my head under, I let myself float with a wave for a second, like another piece of debris. I was one with the ocean for a moment. Breathing in a special type of salt fresh air. And it is in this merging, relating and appreciating Mother Earth, it becomes natural to care about the environment. 

Have you never cleaned your home or even repainted a room and felt really good about how nice it became? You don't want to trash it down, then, do you? It's the same thing with our home Mother Earth - once you have seen the beauty, it's what you want to preserve. Both short-term and local, and long-term and global. So, don't look at the photos of protesters, factory smoke and trash on the beach. Just go and inhale at your own closest spot of relaxation and rejuvenation. How do you best nurture and protect that? That, is how we work against the bad effects of climate change.

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