• Hannah Telluselle

Helping others with tsunami fears

Yesterday the sea-level rose with the tide enough to splash the beachwalk and make parts of the Sao Joao beach to seemingly mysteriously disappear. The sound was loud, then turning totally silent, before it roared again. For a while the ocean sounded the same as when we fly, with a little lower pressure in my ears. So, I concluded it must be the air that makes the sound, and not the water!

A young woman, also a visitor, asked me whether this was a tsunami yesterday when I was heading back up towards the hostel. And I smiled, knowing it wasn't, remembering how it had looked in Hawaii in 2011 and described to her how a tsunami in fact is like water flowing in first like a long current and a wave on top of that, while these tidal shifts here, is being pulled out first and then comes rolling back in, which seems normal on a weekly/monthly basis, following its own cycle. I got a little wet walking on the beach while it was rising because I was late, and yet the feeling of these waters now has become familiar to me. Feeling the same, just more!

While many like to use the metaphor of looking at a glass of water to be either half-full or half-empty, mine usually is neither. My glass is overflowing! With memories, experiences, emotions, meetings and endless possibilities... 

We need to care about water.

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