• Hannah Telluselle

Sun setting on Sweden

There comes a time when you have to close the door and stop asking when all you get is no. 

I have lived in Sweden, after being deported back from the United States 2012. During more than 6 years I have been refused work, both as employed and freelancing, especially after 2014, refused publicity, income, benefits, a rented home and therapy, while being slandered in the news for 3 years without being allowed to respond, refused to attend a trial, refused trying cases I have applied for, ignored, forced to beg on the street for several years off and on, chased and with no attempts to stop both this and the intrusions, thefts, infringements and stalking that I have been subjected to, and reported to, both the Swedish police and other authorities with evidence. 

It is as if writing on this blog is perceived as not needing to work for an income, that I never could be ill or even have any needs, which is what Försäkringskassan (Swedish health benefit agency) said in 2007 and maybe still do.

So, now it is goodbye to Sweden.

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