• Hannah Telluselle

To fight the good fight

Many times I feel I am being judged and met with condescending remarks when I share I don't have money, while some people themselves pretend I wouldn't think they to be good enough. As it would be just my fault, or even by church-people that it would imply that I'm not believing in Jesus enough.

So, does people stop sinning, including stealing from me, sabotaging, slandering or pointing blame when they believe in Jesus? Would I not have enough money on my own if I wasn't robbed of my income? Wasn't Jesus treated just as badly? Or am I even being worse treated since I am a woman? Why not then letting me care for my health, work, get a salary, pay my bills on time, get married and have a new home and a family, if you think it's bad that I don't - which also is what I am trying to do. Why is this made into a problem?

Yesterday, a Portugese man at Riverside church in Cascais, shared a connection with me about how none of us are perfect and how it is through uniting in this, we become saved through Jesus.

(Compare my blogpost about why it's good that we are not enough, that so many pretend we are in the self-help business.)

If we all would affirm not being perfect together in fellowship, together with working to improve on the same foundation of equal respect, more would indeed feel oneness. But why do so many think they are better persons than me because of how much money they have? I can assure you, it's all about what you do towards another, how we treat ourselves, others and earth, that makes you into a sinner or not. What do you choose to do?

How you meet and greet will always matter more than how much money you have, or think I have.



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