• Hannah Telluselle

Sharing space

Updated: Jan 21

About two weeks ago, a German man at a help organization asked me what good getting a month's rent would do, but for giving me a month's space? It would mean everything of course and how come he didn't understand that? 

The solution to the problem of not having an income, is getting one. Isn't this obvious? To get one, certain conditions must be met. I must for example be able to get to my job on time, and eat and sleep meanwhile until I earn enough money to be self-sufficient again without being solemnly in the hands of another's whim. 

More importantly, space also implies space to rest and the ability to try several times to get a job, space to do so that therethrough is provided given no more intrusion or stalking would occur. Meanwhile, until the Swedish authorities apprehends the stalker, and pays out enough money to cover a full month's rent lesser than the sum of daily payments to a hostel, I live in shared spaces. It's also nice to have some international company of course, but it can never be compared to having your own home. How this even can be questioned, is the biggest question of all to me, who loves having a home and garden to tend to, which everybody who knows me, know.

Making shared spaces into something positive, can only be done by choice and with serendipities. It's about making room to invite, and to be invited with respect for the space. I remember how Jesse from Minnesota and I were talking about this in 2004 and 2005 in Honolulu when we happened to share a hostel room and how we both were comfortable with each other since we both look at space the same. In his case, he shared about his social phobia. In my case, I just get angry and irritated without my privacy, my space to rest, reflect and regroup. And to practice and prepare! Which he always respected. Both being able to be silent is a good standard.

The same applies online. Space also implies time. To enable the space to chat, is to have time to. Which I often don't, especially when there is no interest or gain for me, even becoming lesser meeting of my needs. Therefore it is time we sell and buy. Time to create space.

Which kind of space do you need? 

More about this, setting boundaries and seeing our borders as an extension of them, can be found in my book: "The Call for Divine Fathering ~ flying with the feathers of the eagle", available through Amazon.com and Kindle worldwide, or make an appointment for a coaching session with me, to see how you can start applying this in your own life!


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