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Steadfast art with delicate details

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

One of the things special to Portugal is their history of tiles. They are often seen on the exterior of their homes, as decor inside churches, or as simple signs with painted art.

The other day, I happened to walk by on of the local artists's shops, who kindly let me see how he works.

Paulo Matus paints on demand after what the customer would like to see painted. Even though saints and religious motifs are most often chosen to be restored and drawn, you can choose any object, name, number or saying to be featured on your personal tile. He has worked in this business for about 25 years.

The best part is of course that it stands against water. A craft vulnerable to the natural elements, just like we all are, but more durable with proper care.

Find Ceramica Artistica de Carcavelos across the church on Avenida do Loureiro 47 to have a look and order your own!

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