• Hannah Telluselle

Sending the right message

I am a pretty straightforward no-nonsense kind of woman. I like saying how it is and simply ask for what I need. But perhaps, so many others are used to either convey, cover up or tilt their own information, or what they have heard from others before meeting me, some simply have a hard time accepting the facts. I think it is part of our duty as humans to not jump to conclusions, neither in a discriminatory way downwards, nor assuming upwards. Not all in Sweden have a good income, not all have homes and some are put into institutions, perhaps to silence or simply to be kicked out of the welfare-system, rather than enabling becoming renewed members of an evolved society, that we indeed must assume Sweden is. And indeed be allowed to contribute to, as well educated, experienced, healthy and sober citizens. Or why not? What kind of impression does Sweden want me to give to the world?

I am so grateful to be able to share who I am and some of what has happened to me, here in Portugal, who have overcome a crisis of their own. It is how we improve. Time for Sweden to?

Someone sent up three of these at the beach next to me on New Years Eve. Somehow it felt both comforting, supportive and appropriate. I have now waited more than four months for Swedish money that I have the right to, and do have this, and other examples in writing, with me.

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