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A commercial idea

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I thought I'd share an example of what a copywriter does. We work in the advertising business preparing, researching and performing campaigns with events and a media strategy for a variety of businesses and organizations that want to launch new products and services or simply profile themselves better against their competitors. All this marketing research happens behind closed doors about six months prior to it's shown to the public. The result can be seen in for example ads, magazine articles, posters, radio-spots and flyers. And sometimes as originally produced commercials or adapted versions for global brands.

We work in teams, with loose boundaries of who is coming up with what, although our responsibilities are set by definition and professional craft. An Art Director can make a great headline and a copywriter can choose a great photo, but still write the copy (text) and the Art Director doing the photo shoot with the stylist, photographer and model.

Here is an example of an idea for one that I made up to counter someone's misconceived perception of my former profession:


Model looks through a window towards the ocean with a pair of binoculars.

Model sits in chair at optometrist trying out prescription.

Model puts on new glasses and looks into an Atlas.

Zoom to Zanzibar in Atlas on map with voiceover/facts and figures of how many poor people need glasses and where to turn them in.

Model puts her old glasses into the pile with new on and welcomes the viewer to join their trip to donate collected old. Picture of a globe wearing a pair of glasses with "We provide the world with a good vision."

Can you see it in front of you?

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