• Hannah Telluselle

A man and his dog 

Updated: Jun 26

He wrestles and fights with Chico on the floor, who bites back a little and seems to enjoy it. Then he gives his dog a big kiss, who licks his face back. True love? It makes me wonder if men always wants to subdue their love. Have you ever seen a woman wrestle and fight with a dog for fun?

I noticed quickly how Chico would stand with his backleg glued next to mine, from time to time, including when his owner was at home, to guard me, warm me, and to keep me.

One time, rushing from inside, through the doors at the terrace, out to the gate, barking ferociously at a guy walking by on the street. Other than that doing his everyday job, barking by the entrance, to get fed in return.

When I left to change hostel a couple of weeks ago, he bent down his head onto his paws with a begging whine trying to stop my suitcases from being rolled out. Chico also has his own stuffed dog as a toy, that he seems to need when he gets sad. Kind of like I have my Supercoach, the stuffed bunny (put high up on my bed so he couldn't reach it).

It's my secret, to level my love to the animal, or to a child, and therethrough become seen as an equal with an unconditional, uncomplicated, mutual connection. Shouldn't life be like that? Eat, sleep, love. No powerplays needed. And no drama.

What about his owner then (and men in general)? A nice, creative and hot looking Portugese surfer I normally could get a crush on, and try to date. But, while there is common courtesy, no vibes exist and because of being stalked, exhausted and sabotaged, I need to prioritize feeling guarded. Chico becomes an easier choice.

Would I want to be wrestled down and subdued before getting a kiss? No. I just want to eat, sleep and love.

Photo by Jose Santa at Carcavelos Surf Hostel.


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