• Hannah Telluselle

Applied parenting with coaching

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I'd though I'd share an example from my life when it comes to applying our inner parent to better take care of our inner child. All my life, I've handled money too fast and sometimes bought too much. And this was something I had to change, and did with some practice, when I received a larger amount as a grant. Here is what I do:

I have two bank-accounts, where only one is connected to a card. This way, I have to transfer money to my card-account before buying anything, and if I would loose my card, or someone would try to steal it, I won't loose all my money. Smart, huh? However, I was told by a psychiatric team that this is paranoia on my part. I countered with the fact that someone did use my card information when I was in Frankfurt, Germany, 2019, so I had to cancel that card. Then they had to start listening. To me, this is taking better care of my finances and my security, the job of our inner parent and what lifecoaching is about. All based on real-life experiences.

Do you have any examples of changes you need to make and need help with? Contact me for a coaching session to get you started.

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