• Hannah Telluselle

Being stalked

Updated: Feb 26

The first time I was stalked, was when I was 17 years old and just gotten my first articles published in the local newspaper. A guy called my house, sharing how he had seen me during the day in our small hometown of Eslöv. He continued calling even when I was abroad for a year in the United States as an exchange student, and resumed upon my return. He finally stopped calling, after my then boyfriend Lars, asked him to stop.

The second time, and ongoing, was after I had blogged about loosing my sick-pay, also in Sweden by a Swedish guy in 2009, who said he had watched me on TV. He commented on my blog, called, texted, emailed and visited, even though I said no. He kept showing up both outside my apartment in Sweden, and at hostels in the United States, Germany and Portugal. Things have been stolen, and things have been put inside/outside where I live, including writings on the wall of my houses, since 2014, although I don't know if it's only him or a group of people.

It's terrible, exhausting, threatening and robbing me of my deserved life. I haven't been able to have a new home and to write freely for years. And I have no idea why the Swedish police refuses to arrest him, and them.

(Luckily though, I have an old friend, who has written a good book about it.)

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