• Hannah Telluselle

Believing in angels

One of the things that really became a merger, from my spiritual seeking in New Age, to becoming a full fledged Christian, was believing in angels, since they also are told about in the Bible. I don't really remember when I first started believing. I have simply always believed that they exist, but never had had any encounters myself. But I loved reading about people who have had that, and all things symbolic of. Signs, and for healing.

It was when I lived in Honolulu, HI, I indulged in this in 2011, since it seemed to be such a common and most of all, allowed, belief. Whether it was the same numbers appearing in various places, or small white feathers along my path, I loved it.

Nowadays, I feel more connected to the spirit world directly and take cues both from my spirit helper and intuition, with less need of signs. Instead, things light up in a certain way for me to see something, or be warned for my protection. And in this lies both faith and relief.

Do you believe in angels?

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