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Beloved selfie

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

My Dad was a photographer and journalist when I grew up. Thus, I've been photographed since I was born 1970. He soon let me enter the world of the media in Sweden where we lived. And I got used to it. During my teens I was locally famous and as a grown-up I've been recognized using public transportation by strangers when I've been on TV. I soon understood that it can be used to voice an opinion and share stories that hopefully benefit others.

So, is that why we take so many selfies nowadays - we all want to be famous?

I think most does to be seen. As in really seen, heard and understood, which sadly is harder online since we often only have short conversations, or even have our comments pulled out of context and spread.

I've met the downside of media too. Personal bloggers have slandered my name in derogatory ways after I performed Hula on "Sweden Got Talent" in 2007. And I've been stopped from answering myself to even formal accusations in Sweden, which I think is terrible. I've also read and heard stories being told differently from the news when I lived in Honolulu. Then it became a gift to share another version. (More about both in my books.)

I like being on stage, so to me it's a continuation of that.

Here is a list of where I've been featured.

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