• Hannah Telluselle

Connected through history

I am not sure whether to refer to "my inner child" as a part of my soul, or as my spirit. My spark.

In my quest to heal, I did feel a calling to go to Portugal to find out, the first time in 2015. And now here again, since summer 2019. I was here as a young child. What I do remember is a vague memory attached to a photo of me, as a toddler sitting next to a caught swordfish, with my grandparents from my Dad's side, with me. Since the sword is a significant symbol for my family and my grandfather collected antique sabels and swords, it feels fun with the swordfish. Perhaps it's our "aumakua" the way Hawaiians put it, ie our guardian spirit for our family (My father has the photos but refuse to answer).

I have also realised that we were here BEFORE the Portugese revolution, that only cost them 4 deaths, their coup d'etat in 1974, which is of significance, since we the Charpentiers, once had to flee from the French revolution in 1789. Ironically, some nobles of other families fled to Portugal. Am I not here then to heal the need to flee? Or is it my destiny to constantly be chased, because of either my nobility, or my survival of the Polish action during WWII, through generations? Not to mention, that apparently a Eurovision song was the sign to begin the Portugese revolution, Eurovision as in the song contest using the theme intro, that my great grandfather once composed. I would rather ride a little dressage to that tune, to dance on a horse, a little like this.

I am refusing politics!

We were simply here on a week's vacation in 1972, to enjoy the sun and the sea, the food and the sights, and the local culture. Like always!


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