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Deserving the best

Updated: Mar 11

When I was detained in Honolulu, HI, awaiting removal, a guard told me I deserved better than the other women there, doing time. Then I didn’t think he was right, because I have believed in the goodness of man, and that all people should be treated equally, and thus equally deserve a good life in abundance and prosperity. Why would I deserve better than my fellow inmates?

Now, however, almost a decade later, I have changed my opinion and grown a belief that we should get what we deserve. Sometimes better. Some people just receive, out of luck, time and place, contacts or the like, while others study and work their ass off for years and receive less. It’s simply not fair and definitely unjust.

So, in my quest to go against the all too positive self-help genre, although being one myself, I am now going to advocate a non-deserving stance. There are way too many false prophets. Did you do your homework? Or did you take a shortcut? Do you feel guilty? Guess, what. That probably is because you are guilty. I am not.

It’s all about what we bring with us to bed. Before I go to sleep, I like to ensure that I have spoken to, or e-mailed/messaged, what I feel was important to say. To leave no unfinished business or anger up in the air. I send it all away. This way, I can lay down at peace, and filled with love. And if I’m at peace and loving, I deserve to receive the same.

Unfortunately, mankind is not responding accordingly, wherefore a faith in God as a Christian since 2007, has made it possible for me to accept the injustices and unfairness. He, will take care of that. Or if you’re into yoga, karma will.

So, can we all live in harmony on this planet? No, we can’t. We don’t have enough resources for everybody everywhere. Some must move and others must die, whether by war or by sickness. So is life. The question is, is someone choosing? If so, at least I would like to have tried my best, to indeed deserve the same.

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