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Dust to dust

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Since my mother passed away on June 10th, I'd like to commemorate her, parallel to the celebration of Corpus Christi in Portugal, and share how I synthesize my beliefs.

During the spring, we talked about her funeral and I said that I would think of her when I see a sunflower, as the eternal eco-system of dust to dust becomes fertile soil, it's how our bodies can live on, I believe.

After I looked up "The Feast of Corpus Christi" that is celebrated the day before yesterday in Portugal and new to me, I made my own conclusion based on my personal experience. It is said that Jesus is actually part of the oblate and the wine. Grown into? Blood as love?

I believe that the presence of Jesus is by his light and his spirit in the phrases he has shared with his disciples, as described in the Bible. He is present there.

The communion represents the union between his body, love, soul and the Holy spirit; the same union, I believe the original yoga practitioners were striving for, with some positions that also are prayers. When we experience our own inner union, we can experience joy. It's this path that is the healing of the soul with our body as the instrument, that I am on and will describe further in my next book. The mind is the trickster, where we can become lost in knowledge.

Through the presence of the Holy spirit, we can become whole, and do all things through Him. It's a blessing we can perceive and experience with both inner and outer results. When we write with the Holy spirit, when we put our heart and soul into a creation, you will feel it when you read it. It comes alive again, sensing our voice.

By staying true to our own learning, we can thus forward how we apply and understand it all, our beliefs, in our own lives. And deaths of loved ones.

What do you believe in? We will have discussion groups at Telluselle Living Center!

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