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Getting feedback

Whether it's from your boss and co-workers, or from a friend and spouse, make sure you get some feedback! And that you give some in return too. It's only through feedback, we get a reality check as well as can see what can be improved, how and why.

Feedback is a precise acknowledgement of what you have done, or written. Feedback should be concise and about a topic, not the person. It's about getting some honest opinions, but mostly fact based criticism that enable us to correct what has gone wrong, as well as simply improve and do better. As a dancer, we naturally get feedback both from our teacher and from looking in the mirror when we do our motions. And as a writer, it's comments from a reader that enable us to create a dialogue about what we are writing. It's about seeing which type of effect we are creating and why, as well as being clear about an issue.

And remember, what you have done or written, might not be something wrong, but many things can also be done differently. It's a matter of daring to question and probe deeper. To become better! Dare to ask for, and give, feedback!

Would you like to share your ideas and get some feedback? Try a coaching session with me.

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