• Hannah Telluselle

Intuition and instincts

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The first time I recognized having some kind of instincts about lurking danger in a large scale, was when Estonia sunk 1994. I was flying back to Stockholm after having been down south at a job-interview, when I suddenly felt an alertness and a worry, I usually don't have. It was also clear to me, that it wasn't imminent where I was, but a feeling that I needed to check on my loved ones.

Other times, include getting sick to my stomach, when attacks are happening, usually some place where I know someone, or have visited myself. Usually, I can't foretell the location, but it does make sense to where, whenever I analyse my last doing/talking to or posted about on Facebook. It's like I'm being aimed at by someone. And shooting sprees become a butterfly effect. What I do know for sure is, nobody should have to go through what I have, without getting help solving offenses. I call these premonition type vibes, an extension of my instincts, while my intuition is more perceived like guidance on my intentions and a high energy feeling. A cause and effect, perceived before taking action. Can we stop it?

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