• Hannah Telluselle

Little breaths

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

When I was a little baby, my parents used to call me "little frog" since I often laid in what in yoga is referred to as "child's pose". They worried all the time because they seldom could hear me breathe. Do I dare to in this world?

When I started practising qigong in the mid-90's, I learned how to breathe with my stomach. To calm down, to find peace, breathe out stress and to endure with strength, it soon became second nature.

Later, I learned to breathe with my nose and throat-chakra for yoga, which is what I also use when I fly for take off.

But somehow during the years, it feels like I don't know how to breathe naturally with my chest anymore. What most spiritual teachers want us to avoid, is rather what to encourage! I have to consciously tell myself, and focus on how to, breathe with my chest, with my lungs. As soon as I started doing that, after my collapse in 2014, I also became so much more in touch with my own emotions. Makes sense, doesn't it, where our heart is.

So nowadays when I get up in the mornings, look out the window and say hello to the sun, I put my hands on my chest and just take little breaths, greeting life.

No other practice needed. Just prayers.

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