• Hannah Telluselle

Making it grow

Do you think I report and sue all people writing the same as me? No, of course not. There are three instances when I don't.

  1. When the person is only using my writings for their own personal growth.

  2. When the person is creating something better than me and contribute to the topic.

  3. When the person is sharing his/her own real life experiences with it.

You can of course also discuss anything you read, hear or see me doing, especially if you reference me properly (such as stating clearly that it came from one of my books or blogposts) but do know, I'll comment back.

When it comes to unlawfully spreading my content (printing and distributing or forwarding my files), I don't take that so seriously, since I do want to be read.

I also think that there should be some real hearings and discussions in media about copyright infringements, especially over different types of media, to set a new standard for all the younger generations than me, not schooled the same way. And because so many, so called influencers, are dying to get content to make money with.

What do you consider yours?

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