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Music and memories

There is something special with certain songs. Hearing them directly takes us back to a specific place, person or time. So also for me with this song, that I was reminded of today, reading about Sinead O'Connor's passing.

We stood on a dance floor at some club somewhere south in Sweden in the early 90's, like always, me and Lars. We had had a break-up but was in a process of not knowing if we should or not. We slow-danced to this song, and both of us sang along...

Because of these emotional memories that are so easily recaptured with music, is why I chose to call each chapter in my second book The Call for Divine Fathering for a song title (most of them). Music was all we had that made us feel connected with the outside world, while locked up, besides photos and letters. And in the gym, the guards at FDC Honolulu, let us have the radio on. Some of the songs mentioned, are the ones that were played often there.

Which songs bear a significant meaning or memory to you?

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