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My issue with "Yogagirl"

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

How can a woman who has never worked, need to wind down and have a vacation? Is Rachel Brathen, aka Yogagirl, a nightowl if she goes to sleep at 11 pm and always do yoga at sunrise year after year, and therefore need to go to sleep at 8.30 pm? Or, did she again, not know what to write in her Instagram caption and copied my writings about me? My need to go to sleep before 2 am?

Rachel Brathen's caption looks taken from my blogposts here and here. What is so dangerous about it, besides that she deceives herself and her readers, is that she also teaches my writings on her retreats as if they should be taught, and of her, without ANY education. As if hundreds of people need to gather to scream and cry at a certain time in her class, since I wrote that I cried after my mother died.

Unfortunately, it's exactly what my professor Gisèle Asplund warned me about when I presented my exampaper about "Lifecoaches as a new emerging profession, possible for Workscientists" (and Guidance counselors) in 2002. She wanted to warn me about all the scamming courses in "personal development" aiming to be mental training, but often rather creating cult-like pyramide scheming.

In this particular case, Rachel seems to believe that I wrote a fact that she needs to follow, and thereby completely missing out on two things:

  1. It's not about yoga.

  2. It's about your own true need.

What need of change, such as a habit, or a goal, she wants to reach, can only be found in a direct dialogue with her honesty, with a Professional Lifecoach. Perhaps her problem isn't at all related to sleep, but to allergies? Or not being in shape for running? Or not knowing what to say in her podcast? Or not having anything fulfilling to do daytime? Can these problems ever be solved, or her dreams realised, if she just copies my writing and my life in Hawaii? What if she misses out on her own joy of becoming something like a veterinarian, or even a real yogateacher? All because her life is about what to write on Instagram?!

Besides that it's a type of plagiarism, it's also an impostoring. All creating a fake idolatry where she thinks she is too famous to answer me herself.

All feeling evil and sickening to me, taking up my valuable time.

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