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Not on page six

I have to confess, I have taken for granted that I always would be skinny, and thus suited to be shown anywhere at any time, without ever worrying about it. Having gained all this weight, this two last years, besides getting my teeth done, have not only forced me to update my wardrobe, but to accept and understand, what it must be for most people. And I have no idea, how to remove the fat and find an average middle ground. Walk more, I presume? I eat healthy, I always have. And the chocolate and cookies I do indulge in, was something I did, when I was skinny too. My guess is, that my body has developed this overweight as a defence mechanism against stress and others' attacks on me, and my good health. A health that has become another competitive factor.

Nonetheless, I got to be break in my new bikini today, with a dip, before fall is soon upon us. And enjoy that I also got a larger bust. Page eight anyone?

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