• Hannah Telluselle

One with our senses

I prefer to walk, wherever I'm going, but because of where I'm currently staying, I need to take the bus. And today, something peculiar happened. When the bus-driver turned on the air-conditioning, it sounded exactly like it does on an airplane, when you turn on the vent. And for a couple of seconds, it felt like I was on one. So much of our memories are connected to our senses, it's funny.

This is also, why we need to embrace and use all our senses, when we try to heal. Just like we have a muscle memory, that can make us react with our body to something similar really quick, we can also use it to create new memories, new sensations and new paths in our brain. To create new, use your senses deliberately.

See, listen, touch, taste and scent with consciousness.

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