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Owning my intelligence

Updated: Feb 10

For some reason, I keep becoming reminded of my own high IQ, so I thought I'd share a little about my own view and perhaps how this could be the core of others' treatment of me.

I learned how to read and write when I was about 4 years old and since my father had skipped his first class, naturally, I too got to take an IQ test when I was 6 years old. I scored 126 and was told that not only did I not need to go through first grade, but actually not second grade either. However, in order to not make it too much of a difference physically and emotionally, I started second grade anyway, but directly. And later on, in my young High School years in Sweden, I retook the test and got the same result. But the thing is, since 131 is required to be able to be considered a genius and become part of Mensa, I didn't think so much of it. In fact, I might even have felt "lesser then", but not towards average people, but to Mensa-level people. Math is my weak spot, while I'm good with languages.

Today, I googled the percentages instead, which made me more happy, and also making me understand why someone like one of the kitchen staff workers at FDC Honolulu had become so excited, when I had shared my score. It turns out that I'm at least in the world's top 14% level, maybe even 7% (I guess depending on where). So, while it's not the world's top 2%, it still is top 14%!

I have often surprised my teachers throughout my education, usually positively, by always finishing my exams and tests much quicker than everybody else and often being able to discuss topics and ask questions actively. Some though, have looked at it with suspicion. And isn't there also power in being intelligent? I think the majority of my battles of power, especially with those in authority, has to do with their feeling of being lesser than me, even projecting so, and wanting me to not outshine them. Meanwhile, assuming that my physical and emotional needs would be less?! For quite some time, I felt the gap myself between my emotional logic and my intellectual. The professor of my graduate exam paper in Sweden in 2003, failed me due to me "writing too good". This, I assumed had to do with my copywriting style, although I had worked really hard to ensure that i kept it more academic with my other teachers' review. Nonetheless, he said that usually exam-papers are a little boring to read, but mine wasn't, so it must be something wrong... When in fact, it could have been the beginning of a thesis instead! And then I was stopped from doing another paper in the US too. All too keep me controlled by authorities with less than me?

Anyhow, how do we assert our own intelligence without loosing humility? I hope I can move to some place where it will be recognized instead, by fellow thinkers and doers, on my level.

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