• Hannah Telluselle

Pure writing?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

How should I deal with people describing similar things like I have experienced? Have they happened to have experienced the same at their own accord, or have they sought to find a similar example just to be able to write like me, or write about what I have written about? Do all women writers want to have been assaulted too, so they can justify doing yoga and writing about healing?

Here is Cristina Cuomo's writing from her magazine "Purist":

And here is mine, from my book "The Call for Divine Mothering" (besides p. 57 and 78 about changing my diet):

Regardless of whether she might have a more nuanced English than I have, I still feel my tone in it. Not ok without referencing me.

Get your own life. Live your own life. And most of all, learn from what you already have lived. Don't copy what I wrote about my life!

To be pure is to write exclusive.

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