• Hannah Telluselle

Seeking an idea

When we hear the word "idea", we most often think of something creative. An art project or perhaps an innovation for a business. But, there is also another much more deep and profound meaning of the word idea. It can also describe a whole set of beliefs and conclusion to live by. In church, this is often referred to as "New Thought". These last couple of years, as I have set forth an intention to write my third book, I have also felt like I at times am at the cusp of something so rare, as an idea.

When we let go of certain things, we make room for new of the same or better. But if we seek to replace it, we most often receive something of lesser production and value.

Each action, has a reaction.

To make things even, we must mirror the same.

Which are your truths that you live by? How did you come up with them? By reading something or by your own experience and insight?

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