• Hannah Telluselle

Setting boundaries

When I first went to live in the United States as an exchange student in 1988-89, we were told to not discuss religion or politics. It's to not upset Americans with our potential different point of view, and perhaps to shield us from any harm caused by the same.

Yet, what is it that makes an American to an American and a Swede to a Swede, but our culture often defined by politics and religion?

Food, design and the arts of course. Yet, what does these mirror and who gets to show these expressions but through politics and religion? Therefore we must discuss these, and I do now as an adult. Perhaps, it's even a covert taboo in Sweden.

Which questions do we engage in and how much? Personally, and in our organizations?

At Telluselle Living Center, we will keep the discussions in real meetings and focus on how to live eco-friendly, and create wellness.


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