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Setting the right conditions

Since we all are affected by the environment we live in, it's necessary to create the best we can, to do our best. As a writer, I'm convinced that where and how I sit and write, will affect the outcome, the result, of my creation. Thus, I see to that I have what I need around me. I would never write outside, in a coffeeshop, or on a vacation. Those places are for gathering inspiration, pondering, or to relax from working (writing). Likewise, I like to have my home done first, whether it's groceries that needs to be picked up, or tidying up my closet. Literally removing anything that can distract me, is important. Then, it's the matter of having a good light and the right temperature where I sit, perhaps with a blanket around me, and snacks and water nearby. Sometimes, I add a little lounge music, and of course make sure that I have access to any books or notes, pertaining to the content I'm set out to write about. How about you?

Another condition to set, is the time. Are you more creative in the morning or at night time? Do you like to do your chores first, like me, and then get to work, or do you need to get up early to commute? After you have dealt with Covid and remote working, you hopefully have gotten the opportunity to feel what is best for you. Is this something you could learn from to improve your normal life? The conditions determine the life we lead, so therefore, we must choose both where and how we live, carefully, and who we hang out with. Do you like small companies or large? Both when it comes to socialising and working.

All these condition setting and changes, are what a lifecoach can help you sort out. Give me a call, would you want to book a session.

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