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Steering our minds

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

What do we think about and can we choose this consciously? So much in the self-help genre has been about this, and lately adopted by yoga, it seems. Yet, nobody shares what they actually are thinking about, and how that makes them feel.

For me, it's often a replay of a meeting I already have had that goes through my mind. Sometimes that can be so annoying and do I want to give away my energy like that? Not really, if it isn't reciprocated (and by that I mean returned with positive answers and solutions). So, since about five years, I try to cut that off and steer my thoughts into what I want to think about, whether that is creative work and ideas, what to wear, eat and buy, where to go, who to contact, or who I'd like to be with.

How do we then steer our minds? By practising mindful presence first! It's to become consciously aware of exactly what we are doing in the moment, such as walking up stairs and noticing the pattern in the marble. Or simply more fully experience our surroundings, whether architectural or nature. This can bring us into a state of more serenity.

Then, we can turn on our ability to focus a little more consciously. Often we do this by habit, when we start reading, listening or watching something. But just as often, our mind wanders to memories, worry or needs. This is why Maslow's hierarchy of needs is so important to honor with self-care to be able to produce satisfactory results.

What can come inbetween our focused effort and following through? Our feelings do! That is how energy can be released and renewed, or trapped in by others we're waiting for to have its origin resolved, or processed, or our own doubts and self-reprimands. It's just like with learning. It takes time to understand. And it's this process that creativity is about, that I also can coach others through, but so few are willing to.

Are you allowing yourself this time - to process, feel, reflect on, talk about for support and other perspectives, concluding with insights, ideas and actual solutions - before running to your screen to express yourself? And most of all, are you using the power over your own free will, to serve others?

If you have a problem or situation you would like to improve, you can always contact me for a coaching session!

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