• Hannah Telluselle


"Cogito ergo sum - I think, therefore I am"

It struck me yesterday that in order for us to feel anything at anytime, there must first be an interaction. Someone must in fact make you upset, or happy, as in feeling that feeling. Being happy as an outlook on life, however, is something we can master on our own. And should! All this talk about "holding space" and "feeling our feelings" have now come full circle back to me, who started it in 2013, when I shared my experiences of being detained by ICE and my many meetings with other inmates and officers. It was part of my own personal development and healing. However, to feel really alive and part of society, we must interact with others, and deal with how this makes us feel. I feel, therefore I am.

But, when we're alone at home, and we're not reminding ourselves of what has been said or done, or what he or she meant and so forth, there are no reasons to have any emotions come to surface. And we can choose our thoughts much more. Alas, we find stillness. And in stillness is peace. To find your own stillness, your own center and core feelings of love, light and peace - spend some time alone, just being and breathing.

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