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Taking the lead

Updated: Mar 14

To me, a great leader is someone who walks first and makes way for others. It's someone, who dares to create something new. Most creativity is making new combinations, but on rare occasions, it can also be something completely new, ie an innovation. It can be a method, a genre, a specific thing or an opinion. It's thus the pioneer, that is the leader. It's also said that for a brand to become successful, one can either become the best or be the first. I am before you, doing what I want, not what you are. It's the goal of personal coaching: To lead your own life and become better to lead others.

For many years, I have noticed how much of what I have written, becomes repeated by others online, whether deliberately, or by the trends of time. I did take a graduate class at Hawaii Pacific University called "Innovation and Creativity" so I can rest comfortable in my own stance. I create new posts, mostly coming from myself, or as a direct reaction to another's. It becomes really wicked and downgrading, to assume that I would be a mere follower, when I am always writing and posting my content before others. It seems like idolatry, ie popularity, has clouded most people. I have prayed for clarity of vision, including to receive examples that can't be ignored or misunderstood by authorities. Luckily, I am receiving plenty, and hope to get this cleared up as soon as possible. We can't always explain everything, but we can acknowledge and accept, listen and respect.

Any questions? Drop a comment or send me a message. I promise, I'll reply.

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