• Hannah Telluselle

The pledge of allegiance

Updated: Jun 28

My entire adult life, I've missed not having an allegiance to pledge, and here comes an article in NY Post saying they want to remove it in Colorado!

I learned the American pledge of allegiance as an exchange student at Ticonderoga High School, upstate New York, quite intrigued while watching everyone rise but me in the mornings. I declared that I shouldn't say it since I'm Swedish and we had a big discussion in our Political science class. Back then, I was quite proud of therethrough taking a stand for Sweden. Now more than 30 years later, I don't think anyone would care if I did. That is the point, then why try to be of service when all I get is refusals? What does Sweden stand for more than soccer? Does anyone know?

It's one of those things that I have in my heart as a check of loyalty. Do I rather want to say the American? Yes! Where values and rights are not only for show, but tried, discussed and fought for.

The pledge of allegiance to me is like a centering prayer, so I hope the people in Colorado reclaim it - not everybody has one.

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