• Hannah Telluselle

The power in numbers

I started believing in the power of numbers increasingly in 2010, when I noticed a bus clock in Honolulu, flashing 11:11, April 1st, as I was on my way to the state court to get a restraining order, against the man who has stalked me in person since 2009. I got it, and I also felt warned about it, but not knowing then, what was to unfold years later. I came to believe in "Angelnumbers", and bought the book by Doreen Virtue; noticing especially the times when the same number would appear three times in the same day, at various locations, or media. I looked up the symbolism.

But, just like with all other talismans, it's always about the power we give them. It's not the gemstones, or the numbers, that hold any power, it's what we attribute them. Collectively, we form a set of beliefs that becomes a truth, that in turn becomes true with all the energy and interpretations we build around them. The numbers themselves hold no other meaning, than what they are made out to be.

Nowadays, I believe that God is in power, but that He might communicate with us through various forms. Because life can be even more awesome, would we just allow it to be a little magical!

Friday the 13th, anyone?

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