• Hannah Telluselle

The scare

There is nothing more disconcerting than having to deal with fears installed by others. Unfortunately, I have such experience myself. Luckily then, I had a good friend in Jesse who told me not to "let him get to me", which is something I've remembered, and try to live by. This means to keep our core intact, our own sense of identity in our spiritual belief, untouchable. It provides me with a sense of sanity.

Fears can be a guide towards creating safety. In the self-help genre, much is said about the necessity to face our fears and not let them stop us. But, acknowledging our fears can show a deep respect for life, and for our vulnerability as humans. Therefore, we should rather give voice to what scares us and why. This way, it can't dictate our actions through our subconscious, but rather be a fuel for change.

What are you afraid of and which measures can you take towards creating more safety?

It's all about satisfying our needs!

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