• Hannah Telluselle

The vulnerability in writing

Why it feels so terrible to have become a victim of other people's plagiarisms, is due to both personal and professional reasons. First of all: All my books, webpages, social media and blogposts, takes off from my own personal, truly lived experiences. What I have seen, heard, met, felt, done or received, together with my own understanding, based on my education, and hopefully with a positive lesson from it. My experiences are not yours. What are yours? That is why I write about mine, for you to share your own.

From a professional standpoint as a lifecoach, it feels like the people plagiarising me, such as Rachel Bråthén (aka Yogagirl), not only by doing so, impostor me and create a sort of fraud, but they make their income off mine and thus stop me from having my own, readers, and publicity. One should at least receive a thank you or a like, if not the actual reference by name and link! As a copywriter, I write for others, on their behalf, adjusted to their specific customers (target group) but only after an agreement and payment, which is completely different.

Please know that I have submitted reports to authorities, and if you see any similarities, please alert them too.

Here is an example, that I can even testify about with my first yoga teacher: Finding stillness – TELLUSELLE LIVING

And Rachel Bråthén does this: Yoga Girl® - A Meditation to Linger in the Quiet Spaces Between the Breath that she makes money on.

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