• Hannah Telluselle

Traveling through consciousness

Do you think you are alone with your thoughts and experiences? You are not. When I started to meditate in 1995 at a class in Medical Qigong, I was taught that this process were about opening us up for both a higher consciousness, and our subconscious. And that we share higher consciousness, like a hard drive we all can tune into. I believe that this is part of the collective consciousness, a formation of minds that connect subconsciously in times of great fear or even joy. I also believe that the synergy that can happen, is a result of this development. Synergy is, when an extra layer of creativity or solutions appear thanks to a meeting of two or more people, that wouldn't have been without this coming together. Now, more than ever, we can see this collective fear spread because of the war in Ukraine. People flee, because people flee, too.

These levels of consciousness are also how we can feel oneness. Unfortunately, it seems like few people like to acknowledge others saying the same, or having similar experiences, because of the transparency that is available online. Everybody wants to be a guru. It no longer becomes a positive synchronicity, but a question of following and often copying. It lies in the feeling. Synchronicity, just like synergy, is a happy, uplifting and confirming feeling. Being copied, ie noticing similar writings several days after, feels irritating, intrusive and suspicious. Have you ever experienced it?

Dare to share the source. Then we all can learn more.

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