• Hannah Telluselle


There isn't anything more derogatory to me, but when authorities disregard, or ignore, facts - truth. I've been called psychotic with false facts, such as how long I've studied, which type of income I've had, that I've miscarried once, that I've been stalked also inside my apartments and rooms with "gifts" and thefts, or right outside it, that I've met with an architect and learned about their type of houses, and my personality traits according to tests. All shared in truth. All possible to look up in student records, tax records, medical records and references. All ignored and distorted to the opposite. The psychologist refused to take the result of the test as truth, alleging I must have psychosis and therefor it shouldn't be seen as truth. Wrong. Wicked.

The question is why any of the above is considered criminal or dangerous to the society and cause for psychiatric care by force. I think it sounds like someone doesn't want me to succeed with my books, my business plan and going back to the United States.

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